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My Life Vision

Imagine a world where man lives in perfect harmony with the living 

Imagine a world where humans live in community 

Imagine a world where we overcome our sacred wounds 

Imagine a world where we are united in happy sobriety 

Imagine a world where consciousness is alive in each of Us 

Imagine a world where we are free, sovereign and conscious. 

Life Vision
My biggest dream is to witness the emergence of a new world where humans beings find their place within the earth community

The values ​​from which I started are freedom, autonomy, independence, simplicity, reconnection with Nature. I want to live of my passions and my strengths by creating conscious activity. I want to share, I want to inspire. I want to tell my story, my challenges as a woman, wife, mother and entrepreneur. 

Now I can visualize a space that supports the existence of living things over the long term. 


We exist on a Sacred Earth and I desire to see Human Beings integrate into this space with consciousness. I want to be able to tell my children that I have built a harmonious life, accepting challenges, working on my wounds, loving myself and others unconditionally.

MyVision as a Holistic Coach

I coach to support all those who are tired of the system in which they live and who want to make a life transition that has meaning and resilience. They want to make an impact on their own life, their family and others and contribute to a new world


My approach is holistic and touches all areas of your life. 


I help you build your dream life with awareness and courage. Together, we align with your values ​​and build a clear vision. Together, We create together a space of love, security and trust in which creativity can emerge so that it can, along with all my support, tap into your deep Inner Self, discover your truth, find your own solutions to your challenges, transcend your limiting beliefs, to take the path of your dreams at your own pace

The key words of my coachings are:



My holistic coaching supports all those who wish to create a harmonious space, to align with their infinite power in all areas of their life to feel free to develop fully. 


Spiritual realization is that we are interconnected. I dream of seeing a new society emerge in full consciousness. I am convinced that global magnetism rises and expresses itself through our personal evolution. 


I like to think that the Universe gives us this wonderful opportunity to awaken and that we can see BIG. And for that, we must unite with commitment and joy on this path. 


I am here to support all those to connect with life. 

I was born to inspire and create a life connected to our Higher Self, to others and to life on Earth 

I guide you from the space of my heart to have life flow within you for profound transformation, to reconnect with who you really are, your essence, to create a beautiful and conscious lifestyle. 

I help you shine the light from the inside out in all dimensions of your life. 


I have a gift for holding spaces to create security and love. I am a natural facilitator and I believe that the greatest gift I can give is my Unconditional Presence and my deep listening. 


I help you find your inner strength and look at all that is already present in you. 

We don't need external approval to be happy and create the life we ​​want. We have to connect with our true essence to find our way.

MyVision as a Holistic Coach

are you ready to connect?

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