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"Before being truly happy and changing my life, my most difficult challenge was to stay aligned with my values ​​in the face of doubts
and judgments and to hold on"

I grew up in the Parisian suburbs in a healthy and loving environment and raised by parents who had time and a lot of attention for their children. I studied chemistry until obtaining a master's degree which led me to work in the chemical industry for 8 years. After climbing a few steps, in 2008, I found myself director of the development laboratory for major cosmetic brands. The start of the escalation lasted 2 years until I suffered a burnout in 2010. I observed from afar the changed world at a great speed, our planet being massacred quickly, I heard about all the endangered species, deforestation... and at the same time I started to have fascinating conversations about ecology and permaculture, food security, health, well-being, spirituality.



This is when I decided to travel. I was able to take the time to reconnect with myself, who I am and, what is the true meaning of my life on Earth. At the end of my trip, I had decided to become useful for myself, others, the world and to live in harmony with the Earth. My priority had become what I will create in this new chapter of my life. 

The awareness of my fundamental values drove me to build a new lifestyle where I would be growing in love in harmony with myself and the Earth.


Our vision

  is to live aligned with our values which are


Our main missions

 are to be proactive and participate in the transition to resilient lifestyles by providing people

 with the skills and knowledge they need for climate action and contribute to their communities

 while protecting and restoring the nature.

Connection to Nature
and Love.

We raise awareness through workshops we have created to allow us to welcome and share our passion for the regeneration of our soils, biodiversity, love of Nature. Theses have shown us how essential our social link is to the creation of a new respectful world. 

We have chosen a simple life, under the roof of a mud house that we have built and eaten the food that we grow. By building this eco-place, we have made a dream come true. A dream that never stops growing. A simple life that prioritizes our personal emancipation, our family, our love for the Earth and sharing our strength with the world. 

This is why I started training in Creative Coaching in 2015 

All this time, I was just listening to my heart and my conscious desires. I dreamed of space and freedom. And it was while dreaming that I was able to capture the beauty that surrounded me with a new outlook on the World and Life. Since then, I feel guided on a path of expression of the wonders that surrounds me. The Earth guides me on that Path of healing and spirituality. As Alex Gray so aptly puts it: "This is not a new dogma for a new art, rather a call for artists to manifest their power to rise, inspire and become a flame of spiritual vision."


The photos/videos on this website I post are all by me. And through them I want to portray a vision of life that inspires us, guides us towards the best and towards a healthy and spiritual connection with ourselves, our loved ones and the world.

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